Design Services

We provide residential mechanical design services for heating, cooling and ventilation. A properly sized designed system helps mechanical contractors, builders and home owners improve comfort, efficiency, durability of equipment and improves air quality.

Our HVAC designs provide the proper documents for building permit applications, covering Sections 9.32, 9.33 and 9.36 of the National Building Code.

Why is it important to have a properly sized HVAC design from a certified design expert

  • Maximum efficiency of the HVAC system.

  • Quiet operation

  • Proper distribution of heating or cooling at all times of the year alleviating the problem of rooms that are too hot or too cold.

Heat Loss/Heat Gain Calculations
Block load heat loss/heat gain calculation for new and replacement equipment provides proper equipment sizing for heating and air conditioning systems as required in section of the National Building Code.

Room by Room Calculations
Room by room heat loss/heat gain calculations for distribution as required in section of the National Building Code

Duct Design
Duct Design for forced air heating and cooling systems, Section of the National Building Code. We use the HRAI Digest method.

Mechanical Ventilation Design
Mechanical Ventilation Design as required by Section 9.32 of the National Building Code.